Originally from East Yorkshire, Hayley graduated from Liverpool University where she studied acting and theatre for three years, gaining a BA Honours degree. She later went on to achieve qualified teacher status as a secondary school drama teacher and has worked within many main stream primary and secondary schools across Liverpool and London, where she is now based.  All the qualifications she has gained, both in her further and higher education are within the field of drama and the performing arts as it is within this field she has the most passion and interest.

Hayley quickly learnt after her studies that the best thing was to gain as much experience as possible. She was encouraged to audition and get involved with short and student film projects and join community theatre and drama classes. Initially, she worked as a supporting artist on Hollyoaks and Coronation Street, amongst others, mainly based at Mersey Tv, now Lime Picture’s, where she gained her first experience of being on set and would regularly get featured speaking lines. This initial experience lead to other opportunities such as working with signed bands and staring in their music videos; the seed was firmly planted and continues to grow. Since this time Hayley has performed and featured in TV, theatre, TIE, short and feature films and has experience as a presenter.

Hayley is a strong, skilled actress and wishes to become a leading artist in film and television; a big dream, but one she has the determination and drive to achieve. As an artist she is aware of her strengths and weaknesses and fully aware that this industry is a competitive one, and though she has fulfilled her academic achievements, she is committed to continued further development. Hayley regularly attends acting classes, workshops with leading casting directors, attends networking events and is soon to embark on a 6 month full time intensive Acing for Screen course at the prestigious MET Film School based at Ealing Studio’s, which will broaden her range and skill set and will provide her with new tools enabling her to have a continued and successful career; one that is not limited to acting for screen but performing within theatre, teaching and enabling her to produce her own filmed material.

Her favourite practioner of the time is the wonderfully talented acting coach Anthony Meindl. Hayley took part in a actor's Master Class, which he runs out in LA ,whilst she was on a networking trip there.  His forwarding thinking in actor coaching and the ethos that any role one plays must start with one's self to allow the delivery to be real, captivated her. She enjoys the work of the likes of Stanislavski and his Method, however, feels Anthony’s fresh approach allows one to deliver a more natural performance. Hayley embarked on his Actors Workshop here in London and feels for the first time her performances are more honest, more engaged and have real depth. During this course she was introduced to Manuel Puro of Puro Casting, who runs an online training course, with an emphasis on screen acting and self-taping auditions. Again, this course has been invaluable to her and she believes that the confidence it has given her both in front of the camera and with her personal acting ability have been second to none. The course gave her the opportunity to explore different roles other than her usual casting type and allowed her to demonstrate her range and acting ability; examples of these can be viewed in the REEL section of the site and several here on the home page.